How long are classes?
  • Semester length varies depending on the session. Classes are 60 minutes long – 50 minutes of instructions with 10 minutes of questions, troubleshooting, and practicing at the end
Where are classes held?
  • Please check the class location coding associated with the desired class
Do I need a partner?
  • No – however, you do get 10% off the second registration if you do register with a partner
    we work hard to match leads and follows in class, so if you are going to be missing, please let us know as we have students we can bring in help balance out
  • We switch partners frequently in class, so you get lot of opportunity to dance
What should I wear?
  • Shoes
    • for social classes – Indoor, dance, or socks – no outdoor shoes due to the wear it causes on the flooring and shoes may be asked to be removed by the instructor if lifts are not in good repair
    • for high performance training –   flat shoes, socks or bare feet the first half of class then sneakers for the remainder
  • Clothing
    – Fitted clothing is ideal so that we can see what your body is doing and be able to make corrections
    – Something that you don’t mind perspiring in as you will be moving lots
  • Yoga mat
    – High Performance Training
Can I make up missed classes?
  • You are allowed to make up an equivalent value class if you miss (make up a social class with a social class, specialty class with a specialty class)
  • Has to be completed in that semester unless a physician’s note is received
What is your cancellation policy?
  • Refund is given only if a class is cancelled by Unleashed Dance Company (will be pro-rated as needed)
  • Class transfers within the same session are processed at no charge, space permitting
  • If you withdraw 7 days or more before the first class, a $20 administration fee will be charged. You may request a refund of the remaining tuition or leave a credit on your account for future use
  • No refunds or credits for future sessions will be provided within 7 days of the first class or after the class has begun, unless the withdrawal is due to medical circumstances.
  • If the withdrawal is due to medical circumstances, a refund or credit will be awarded only once a doctor’s note is received. Refunds or credits are prorated from the time you notify us of your withdrawal and a $20 administration fee is charged.
  • Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal.
  • Missed classes are non-refundable and make-ups must be completed within the same session.
Am I allowed to drop-in for classes?
  • Yes, drop-ins are always permitted
  • For social classes (tango, kizomba, bachata, salsa, chacha), we appreciate a heads up to maintain balance of leads and follows (so we can bring in a partner for you if possible)
  • Specialty classes – just show up
    – $20 for social classes (partnered)
    – $22 for specialty classes (Restorative Exercise, Conditioning, Technique)
Do you have kids programs?
  • currently, we only offer private lesson for children
What if I have never danced before?
  • This is what 1.0 and open level classes are for – these are intended to teach from scratch good technique and fundamental patters to the specific genre
  • Once you are comfortable with the 1.0 material, you will be invited to move up to 2.0 level classes which build musicality, present challenging patterns and provide a deeper exploration of the body movement technique unique to that genre
How can I join a performance crew?
  • Auditions for new crew members will be happening late summer and the date is TBA
Do you have a list of recommended health practitioners?
  • Tyson Plesuk – Physiotherapist and NeuroKinetic Therapist, Movement Sports Clinic
  • Avery Maxwell – Restorative Exercise Specialist, The Pilates Studio: Body & Mind Works, Nutritious Movement
  • Dr. Monique Etienne & Team – Chiropractor, Accident Rehabilitation Centre