Instructors of Unleashed Dance Company


Angela Mulrooney

Founder & Lead Choreographer

Angela has been teaching dance for 21 years and has won many competitions internationally. Her original movement training was gymnastics and acrobatics which she loves to incorporate into her performances and choreographies. Her goal is to teach her students the love of dance while giving them freedom to express themselves through the music on the social floor going beyond just patterns. Her memorable choreographies are well known and have caught the attention of the world. Her amateur student choreography “Kizombies” is recognized by the BBC for a documentary on Kizomba. Let her love of life and dance inspire you to unleash your soul on the dance floor …

Erin Prosser

Erin Prosser

Owner & Instructor

Erin has been teaching dance since 2017 and took over ownership of Unleashed Dance Company in 2020 with a vision and mandate for our team to continue doing what lights us up. She has since introduced programming for children and youth as well as fun dance fitness classes to keep us moving and connected during these difficult times.

Erin’s love of dance started early with ballet, jazz, and tap. She pursued ballet for a number of years and then later studied movement with a theatre company. She reunited with her love of dance when she was introduced to flamenco for a part in a play and started social dancing. Erin has been a performance dancer since 2014.

She is passionate about working with couples to Choreograph their Wedding Dances and is extremely proud Unleashed Dance Company has been Three Best Rate for Wedding Dance Choreography for the past three years in a row! She also teaches Latin Dance and a variety of fun recreational-style classes for all ages. She strives to provide dancers with high quality experience where they feel confident and supported. Her sense of humour keeps classes light and enjoyable!

Laura Distefano

Choreographer & Instructor

Laura first caught the dancing bug at 5 years old and has trained in many different styles including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. She obtained a Minor in Dance from the University of Calgary and pursued a dance career for several years. She performed with many independent choreographers around Calgary and was a member of En Corps Dance Collective (Jazz) and New Dance Theatre (Contemporary). In 1996 she opened The Pilates Studio: Body & Mind Works and in 2001 decided to stop dancing to focus her energy on her business. But the dancing bug bit again in 2006 when she was introduced to Latin dancing. She started training with numerous companies around the city and performing on their dance teams. In 2017 she decided to close her Pilates Studio and delve back into her first love: dance. Laura brings her sense of humour and extensive knowledge of the human body from her years of teaching Pilates to her teaching of salsa. She looks forward to continuing her voyage in Latin dance with you!

Fiorella Giovannetti


Expression through movement has always been of great importance in Fiorella’s life, with dance as just one of her elixirs. She has trained in rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, traditional Italian dancing and Latin dance, has 2 years of dance teaching experience and over 17 years of experience as a performer both nationally and internationally. The past three years, she has performed with Unleashed Dance Company in Salsa/Chacha, Bachata, Contemporary, and Kizomba. She also performed in such places as Disney World, Universal Studios, and various provinces throughout Canada. To top all of this off, she has recently begun to explore the exciting world of Latin dance competition! Fiorella’s desire to inspire others with movement – just as it has inspired her – is what motivates her to teach. So, prepare to unleash a passion for dance in her classes.

Lev Oshchepkov

Lev Oshchepkov


Dance has always been a part of Lev’s social life and a contributor to his well-being. He started formal dance training in Russia in 2001 with his wife Tatiana and continues to attend dance classes in Calgary. He also has four years of performance experience, having danced with two performance teams between 2014 and 2018. Lev has a fondness for Argentine Tango and Bachata.

Tatiana Oshchepkova

Tatiana Oshchepkova


Tatiana, according to her mom, started dancing and walking at the same time. While she has danced for most of her life since those early steps, Tatania’s first formal dance training was in 2001, when she started to take ballroom dance classes with her husband Lev. She has since been training and performing in Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, and Argentine Tango and has been a part of the Unleashed Performance Team for three years. She is also pursuing a Dance Movement Therapy certification. Tatiana’s lifelong love of dance and diverse knowledge of movement ignites her teaching style. Let it ignite a passion for dance in you!


Maria Soledad

Instructor/Choreographer – Tango

Maria started studying Tango, as well as other traditional dances of her country while in school in Argentina. She moved to Canada in 2001 and completed an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s Degree in Dance. She wrote her mayor research paper on Tango, its history, its recent global popularity and the impact on how it is taught. Maria studied how to preserve tango as part of the Argentinean heritage and developed some tango curriculum including an essay about how tango could be housed in an institution where people could learn and train, as well as to be trained as a tango instructor.

Maria Soledad moved back to Buenos Aires to do research for her thesis. There she trained extensively with Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera of Mariposita De San Telmo, and with Flavio Catuara, creator and director of “Sensationes De Tango” the official tango show of Café Tortoni. She was fortunate to participate in many rehearsals with both companies. Maria Soledad also studied with Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Javier Antar and Kara Wenham and Sabrina and Ruben Veliz.

Maria Soledad travels extensively to tango festivals, workshops, and to Buenos Aires to visit her teachers to further develop her skills as both a dancer and a teacher.

In April 2021 she partnered with Unleashed Dance company to deliver instructor trainer courses and will be teaching this Fall with them.

Among other things, Maria enjoys being in the mountains either biking or hiking. She is a certified mountain bike instructor through BICP and a Human Potential Coach with the Human Potential Institute.

Jill Gao


Jill developed her love for music and movement at an early age. Born and raised in China, she grew up learning different styles of traditional Chinese dancing since the age of 5. Jill competed and performed at many events in China, such as the opening ceremony of the National Games of China.
After moving to Canada for university, Jill focused on schooling and found her movement and balance on the yoga matt, which led her to become a Certified Yoga Instructor. In 2016, Jill discovered the world of Salsa/Bachata and completely fell in love. She has since trained with the top instructors in the country, competed and performed at the Calgary International Salsa Congress, Expo Latino, Fiestaval, and many other events.
As an instructor, Jill aspires to help her students build a strong foundation of body movement and technique, and bring the joy of expression through music to life. She looks forward to embracing this dance journey with you.

Oleg Kim


Music and singing has always been part of Oleg’s life, but he would never imagine of being a dancer until recent years.
He started dancing as part of the journey exploring Latin Culture and now for a number of years keeps learning and growing as a dancer and teacher.
He has been traveling and participating in various dance workshops, performances and festivals within Canada as well as overseas.
In 2018 he started teaching Bachata at the University of Calgary, helping students build strong fundamentals and technique of this beautiful dance.