Instructors of Unleashed Dance Company


Angela Mulrooney

Angela Mulrooney, Director

Angela has been teaching dance for 21 years and has won many competitions internationally. Her original movement training was gymnastics and acrobatics which she loves to incorporate into her performances and choreographies. Her goal is to teach her students the love of dance while giving them freedom to express themselves through the music on the social floor going beyond just patterns. Her memorable choreographies are well known and have caught the attention of the world. Her amateur student choreography “Kizombies” is recognized by the BBC for a documentary on Kizomba. Let her love of life and dance inspire you to unleash your soul on the dance floor …

Erin Prosser

Erin Prosser, Teacher

Erin’s love of dance started early with ballet, jazz, and tap. She pursued ballet for a number of years and then later studied movement with another company. She was reunited with her love of dance when she was introduced to flamenco for a part in a play and started social dancing. Erin’s accolades include three years of dance performance with several teams. She also has been an instructor with Unleashed Dance Company for two years, teaching Salsa on 2 (New York Style), Bachata Sensual, and Wedding Dance Preparation (Foxtrot, Rhumba, Waltz, Contemporary). She loves working with beginners and her sense of humour keeps classes light and enjoyable!

Fiorella Giovannetti

Fiorella Giovannetti, Teacher

Expression through movement has always been of great importance in Fiorella’s life, with dance as just one of her elixirs. She has trained in rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, traditional Italian dancing and Latin dance, has 2 years of dance teaching experience and over 17 years of experience as a performer both nationally and internationally. The past three years, she has performed with Unleashed Dance Company in Salsa/Chacha, Bachata, Contemporary, and Kizomba. She also performed in such places as Disney World, Universal Studios, and various provinces throughout Canada. To top all of this off, she has recently begun to explore the exciting world of Latin dance competition! Fiorella’s desire to inspire others with movement – just as it has inspired her – is what motivates her to teach. So, prepare to unleash a passion for dance in her classes.

Laura Distefano

Laura Distefano, Teacher

Laura first caught the dancing bug at 5 years old and has trained in many different styles including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. She obtained a Minor in Dance from the University of Calgary and pursued a dance career for several years. She performed with many independent choreographers around Calgary and was a member of En Corps Dance Collective (Jazz) and New Dance Theatre (Contemporary). In 1996 she opened The Pilates Studio: Body & Mind Works and in 2001 decided to stop dancing to focus her energy on her business. But the dancing bug bit again in 2006 when she was introduced to Latin dancing. She started training with numerous companies around the city and performing on their dance teams. In 2017 she decided to close her Pilates Studio and delve back into her first love: dance. Laura brings her sense of humour and extensive knowledge of the human body from her years of teaching Pilates to her teaching of salsa. She looks forward to continuing her voyage in Latin dance with you!

Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan, Teacher

Daniel was inspired to learn dance from living and working in Cuba, where the energy and ambiance of Salsa dance enchanted him. But it wasn’t until moving back to Canada and switching careers from engineering to finance, that he began his dance journey. In 2016, he began to learn Salsa and Bachata and was introduced to Kizomba through Calgary events. He took his first Kizomba class through Unleashed Dance Company and the dance style hooked him, as did it’s dynamic music. He was drawn to the close embrace and the lyrics in Kizomba songs. He soon abandoned his learning of the Latin dances and put his full focus into the dances under the Kizomba umbrella, taking every Kizomba class that he could, travelling around North America to train with  local dancers. In January 2019 he started to teach Tarraxo and Urban Kiz with the Student Dance Club at the University of Calgary. Daniel is committed to building and supporting a vibrant Kizomba scene in Calgary!

Lev Oshchepkov

Lev Oshchepkov, Teacher

Dance has alway been a part of Lev’s social life and a contributor to his well-being. He started formal dance training in Russia in 2001 with his wife Tatiana and continues to attend dance classes in Calgary. He also has four years of performance experience, having danced with two performance teams between 2014 and 2018. Lev has a fondness for Argentine Tango and Bachata.

Tatiana Oshchepkova

Tatiana Oshchepkova, Teacher

Tatiana, according to her mom, started dancing and walking at the same time. While she has danced for most of her life since those early steps, Tatania’s first formal dance training was in 2001, when she started to take ballroom dance classes with her husband Lev. She has since been training and performing in Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, and Argentine Tango and has been a part of the Unleashed Performance Team for three years. She is also pursuing a Dance Movement Therapy certification. Tatiana’s lifelong love of dance and diverse knowledge of movement ignites her teaching style. Let it ignite a passion for dance in you!

Eric Fox, Teacher

Eric Fox, Teacher

Eric started his dance career 20 years ago with Country Dance. After several years he added West Coast Swing, Latin and Ballroom dance to his training. He has trained and performed with Country, Rueda, Jazz, and Hip Hop dance teams. Eric has competed at the Bronze level in Latin and Ballroom; twice in Vancouver and once in Calgary. On discovering Tango, Eric concentrated solely on it for 5 years, travelling extensively to Tango events and Argentina to learn from the best. He’s done 30 Tango performances during the last 3 years of training. Eric recently moved to Calgary and is happy to spread his extensive knowledge of the Nuevo style with the Calgary community.

Sheena Lambert

Sheena Lambert, Teacher

Sheena fell in love with Argentine Tango in New York City. From 2004 to 2008 she spent many nights taking lessons and dancing at milongas in Manhattan. She danced tango with her husband Leif at their wedding in 2009. She has taken many Nuevo Tango lessons with Angela Mulrooney. Sheena enjoys travelling to explore Tango culture in different cities like Seattle. Her background in yoga, alpine ski coaching and climbing instruction influence her unique teaching style. Her focus on balance and rhythm help her students achieve fun, predictable movements that develop confidence and inspire creativity. She invites them to fall in love with Argentine Tango.