Why Choose Unleashed Dance Company?

“Thanks a million to Tatiana & Erin for being so professional and doing your job with all your heart! Last night Tatatiana gave the last lesson of our first session to our kids. At the end of the lesson they had such a beautiful and joyful show! All the kids and parents were happy!
– Larissa R., Happy Parent, Fall 2020

“​​Angela is absolutely one of the most technically trained and approachable dance instructors in Calgary. The way she moves her body makes you want to learn how, and the way she explains things makes you understand how you can do it too, so you always leave her classes with a great feeling of personal accomplishment. Her ability to connect with her students and find out how to best help them learn what they need to learn to do great on the dance floor and her passion for educating people about the basics make her a great teacher for dancers of any skill level, from the beginner taking their very first class to the experienced dancer willing to improve technique. For someone who wants to have fun working out, look good and feel great about themselves, Angela would be a great instructor, driven by her passion for dancing and helping others learn and succeed on their exciting journey.”
– Julia Zarina

“I have had the pleasure of taking bachata and kizomba classes from Dr. Angela Mulrooney and Dennis Pinzon lately. The classes were absolutely awesome!!!! I have learned a lot of new patterns in bachata and great steps in Kizomba. Kizomba was a new thing for me. I have started from ground zero. After just a few classes I have learned enough skills to be able to dance basic kizomba without any problems. What makes bachata and kizomba classes with Angela and Dennis so special, is a great atmosphere of fun and a very positive learning environment. You will laugh a lot and be very relaxed which enhances learning dramatically. The patterns taught in the intermediate bachata were super cool, and yet very practical and easily usable in a social dancing. So great fun and lots of skills. I love those classes. I am sure you will feel the same way.”
– Jack Kasinski

“I’ve taken several Latin dance classes with Angela (salsa, bachata, kizomba). She is a highly qualified instructor who is patient, thorough and precise. She provides individualized instruction, is versatile and is very knowledgeable in a variety of dance styles and truly cares about the growth and success of her students. I highly recommend taking classes with Angela to quickly improve your technique and further your dance skills, no matter what level of dancer you are. Her classes are fun, friendly, engaging and progress at a steady, comfortable pace. Angela provides a wonderful balance between warm-up exercises and drills, technique, musicality, revision and clarification of steps and patterns, as well as personalized attention and differentiated instruction. She listens to her students and is willing to answer questions. Not only does Angela provide top notch instruction, she is personable yet professional, trustworthy, caring and truly a beautiful person inside and out! Thank you Angela for contributing to Calgary’s dance community in such a positive way and for inspiring me to be a better, more technical dancer!!! What an excellent and valuable learning experience!!!”
– Emily Chan

“I’ve taken the technique class several times now and have been very impressed by the class. The class sizes are small which means instructor attention is very personalized and the syllabus is generally quite flexible. The class covers basic dance techniques including body isolations, spin and balance drills, and musicality. The focus of the class is on learning and drilling these foundations rather than any particular dance, making it a good choice for those looking for a general introduction to dance technique, though we’ve also covered a range of miscellaneous topics like a session improving salsa footwork, partnering drills, or a short contemporary routine focused on losing and regaining your balance. Angela’s an excellent instructor with an enormous range of dance knowledge and a great focus on technical correctness and making sure you understand a concept before moving on. She’s great about answering questions or exploring dance topics students are interested in, to the point of dedicating a session to it if enough students are interested. I enjoy this class because it’s a guided tour through dance topics and concepts I otherwise wouldn’t have any exposure to, and gives me new ways to think about dancing, from salsa to goofing around at a wedding.”
– Nicholas Bannerman

“​Angie is without a doubt, one of the most talented and technically advanced dancers in Calgary and Canada, I have always enjoyed her performances, and enjoyed even more her classes. She focuses on technique, body movement, and fundamentals of dancing rather than complicated patterns, which is great learning for dancers of all levels. She’s patient, incredibly knowledgeable, funny, edgy and inspirational, and her breadth of knowledge in dancing expands across multiple genres, it is always fun to learn from her, whether it be sexy bachata, hardcore conditioning, or contemporary. I highly recommend anyone who wants to becomes more in tune with their body to take a class from her, you won’t regret the decision!”
– Lucy Pei

“I’ve been taking core conditioning classes with Angela as part of my dance training. I appreciate her attention to detail in planning exercises that work on specific movement patterns required for dance. She is careful to correct technique to prevent injury. Angela likes to keep her classes positive, and she uses pulse-pounding music to keep the whole class engaged and working hard. She also does all exercises herself while leading the class to do them. Her technique is useful to watch and also inspiring to see! I would recommend Angela’s classes to people of all levels who want a safe and fun way to be the best person they can be.”
– Michael Currie

“​​​In just a few short months of taking Angela’s conditioning class, I’ve noticed a big difference with my flexibility and strength when I dance. Angela utilizes a wide variety of conditioning exercises that will work muscles you didn’t even know you had! I highly recommend this class if you love to sweat and work hard! Her technique class is fantastic if you want to work on specific concepts of dance. I’ve enjoyed the classes on isolations, spins and footwork. I also like that we touch on various genres of dance as well such as contemporary and Latin. The instructor’s extensive dance background is evident in this class and enables a broad range of instruction.
– Clorinda Bryant

“​​If you are looking to take your dancing to a new level, then I highly recommend checking out Angela’s dance technique and conditioning classes. Her instruction is top-notch and any dancer will benefit from taking her classes. Angela helped me out a lot to improve my technique for the performance teams that I dance with. Having good technique gives you more confidence, style and makes dancing even more fun!”
– Calvin Ohara

“​​If you are looking to improve your dancing I would whole heartedly recommend taking classes with Angela! She is fun and most importantly has an in-depth knowledge of dance technique! I saw immediate improvements after taking her courses!”
– Kayley Evans

“Angela, is really good in showing how the dance techniques in a class become an art form for those who like to learn. Her explanations are approachable and attitude is always friendly.”
– Andrei Zaostrovski

“Angela’s classes are fairly small, so she is able to give personalized instruction to each student. Because she has danced professionally in a range of styles, she is able to pass along this diversity of techniques to her students, rather than just teach the basic steps. I feel my dancing has improved since starting with Angela, and I enjoy her classes!” – Darlene Savoy