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Ever wondered what a centrally located dance class with all the amenities and renowned professional to teach various dance forms can do to your dancing skills? Your search for the best in the business ends at the private dance lessons in Calgary. Right from the Bachata Sensual Dance to the Latin dance, everything is taught under one roof by maestro Angela Mulrooney and her team. Winning a berth to represent at the world championships in Spain for December 2015, Ms. Mulrooney is an expert is teaching all kinds of dance forms. The students are sure to learn an array of dance forms from the expert herself.

People enrol Adult Dance classes in Calgary for many and varied reasons. To exercise and lose weight, being the primary reasons and maintaining an overall balance of the body. Dance helps the body to burn the calories and loses weight. For all the fitness enthusiasts, it a new way to perform a cardio exercise and learn a new skill as well and put it use at any social event that may spring up. And for all those who are looking to have fun time with their partner and prepare themselves for a date night, then Adult dance classes are just perfect for them to swing into a perfect evening.

Our wedding dance preparations are one of the most sought-after dance lessons where the couples not only get to learn the dance for their special day but also spend quality time with their partner and craft some beautiful memories alongside learning their dance performance. Special dance workshops are being held for the group performances that the guests at the wedding might be anxious to perform. Not only for the wedding guests; we have something for the school-goers as well. Group performance dance for any competition is one of the most popular among the numerous dance workshops that we conduct.

Kizomba Dance and Samba dance classes are the two upcoming dance forms are that becoming increasingly popular with time. These dance forms are being taught by the maestro. Based on a variety of rhythms, Kizomba and Tarraxinha are closely related to each other. When executed in synchronization with your partner, the performance becomes magical.

Private dance lesson in Calgary is one of the most revered dance class in Calgary where conscious efforts are made to ensure that the students not only learn new dance forms but also refine and polish their moves to be able to deliver impeccable performances. Don’t believe everything that we have to say for ourselves, hear and watch what our clients have to say about us. We have their unconditional love and support and they turn up to us every time they seek to learn a new dance form with utmost precision and develop a zeal to learn more dance forms or master and polish the dance forms they have already learnt.