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Wedding celebration calls for perfection in every aspect of its preparation. Right from the wedding dress to the much celebrated wedding dance. Special care is taken when it comes to the wedding dance of the couple. Each move is crafted delicately to bring out the emotion and pour in soul to the dance of the couple on their big day.

Adult dance classes in Calgary are mainly centered on teaching Latin dance, wedding dances among many others and at Unleased Dance Company, we make sure that all those who have registered with us end up mastering their moves by the end of the course. Over the years our educators have learned and mastered the new wedding dance moves to render perfection to the dance of the people on their big day.

Right from selecting the best soulful music to practicing the dance until the partners feel confident and gain a good grip over the dance, everything is taken care of by our expert team of proficient choreographers. We help you to customize your dance moves to meet the expectations of the couples because every couple’s expectations are unique and beautiful, and we make sure we cater to them all. Dance lessons for adults in Calgary like ours make sure that every piece of music people opt for is practiced until perfection and with sheer grace and dignity to make your wedding day all the more beautiful.

Apart from the customized dance moves uniquely crafted for each couple, dance classes for adults in Calgary help to prep up for the wedding flash mob choreography. We cater to the group dance moves for all your special guests and friends and help you to organize a fun dance party where anyone, kids or adults can take part to make your wedding day an equally a fun event.

Dance Class Company in Calgary not only plays around the wedding dance forms but also we also serve our clients with numerous other dance forms that intended for various occasions. One can learn and refine their dancing skills because our courses are designed in manner to suite the beginners as well as for anyone who already owns a great deal of knowledge of the dance forms yet wishes to polish their skills. We have something for everyone, young or old, amateur or a proficient, we help to grow everyone under one roof.

With our special program and workshops for kids dance classes in Calgary, we equip the kids with the profound knowledge of the dance moves and ensure every bit of elegance is quite literally poured in them for the graceful dance moves. Unleashed Dance Company is one stop solution for all those longing to learn various different dance forms. Our highly qualified instructors make sure everyone is paid equal attention to, may it be a group dance form or a solo dance form. Unleashed Dance Company teaches every dance form under one umbrella and our dancers and potential dancers need not to go anywhere else!