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It is said that dance is the hidden language of the soul. And to set your soul free one often extensively relies on the liberating dance forms like Latin Dance, Samba Dance, Kizomba Dance and many more. Located centrally in the city, it is well within the reach of everyone and hence making it easier for a school going student to an elderly person to access the dance classes in Calgary.

Private dance lesson in Calgary focuses on perfection the moves and pay a great deal of attention to the synchronization of the moves with the tunes of the music. From a novice to a proficient dancer, the dance studio has something for everyone. From teaching the most basic of the steps to a novice to polishing and refining the moves for a virtuoso, we take utmost care that our students deliver an impeccable performance.

The dance classes for adults in Calgary not only focus to teach new dance forms but also ensures overall good health balance through the regular cardio exercise in the form of dance and help to burn calories. For all the fitness freaks out there, you can now have the total body conditioning by promoting an increased strength and flexibility to keep yourselves lean and fit. Acro yoga is such form of exercise that promotes an improved health where we make sure to pay special attention to the back and increase its strength flexibility. In addition to teaching the Latin dance, Bachata sensual dance, Kizomba dance; we also practice restorative exercise at the end of each dance session keeping in line with the biomechanics and natural movement of the human body to optimize your health.

Bachata sensual dance is one of the most sought after dance forms and we are proud to have instructors who have done wonders and made the country proud through various competitions. Virtuoso Angela Mulroney is ranked second as the professional female salsa soloist and is credited to have learned and taught all the major dance forms. Our students have the assurance of learning from the best.

Private dance lesson in Calgary is a great way for the elderly couple to spend quality time with their loved ones and at the same time learn a new skill and stay lean fit and in a healthy shape. Whether you have any occasion right from your wedding or a social gathering, or your child’s annual function, we understand your requisites and craft a bespoke dance form to deliver an impeccable performance for any event. Wedding dances have always been a great way to connect with your loved ones through the dance rehearsal and get to know them better.

We let our clients speak for the hard work that we put in to bring out the best in our students. Their performance and their experience with us speak volumes about their talent and our work synchronized together for an astounding performance.