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Soul stirring dance is what sets your passion on fire and you surge to strive for more perfection; for no one is perfect when it comes to mastering the creative pursuits. There is always a scope for improvisation even for a maestro at any art form and at any age. Each and every one is constantly in a progressive learning path and it is precisely why we have the specialty classes designed for our students. Dance classes for adults in Calgary offer a comprehensive training on mastering the craft and for all those who are already in their own league of perfecting the craft.

Personal dance lessons are aimed at refining the moves of the students and paying a great deal of attention to the synchronization of the moves with the music and adding a grace to the overall performance. Stressing on acquiring the right techniques, students are taught the correct methods to learn and polish each and every move that they learn. Topics like spinning, partnering, grounding, musicality and many more are taught with sheer grace, complimenting any genre of dance forms that one is studying or have a good command over it.

Calgary dance class is an excellent way to keep you healthy, fir and lean without having to go to the gym. Enrolling for a Bachata sensual dance, Kizomba dance or Samba dance has two folds benefits; one can get to perform the cardio exercise in addition to learning the new skills. Our students can gain an increased flexibility, core functional strength and coordination of the body which all leads to an improved health and suites the dance and the fitness enthusiasts alike.

A lot of our students face troubles while executing immaculate lifts with their partners in Latin dance and other similar dance forms. We intent to simplify the complexities lifts by introducing the floor supported tricks to add on to the confidence level of the students. Acro Yoga and other restorative exercises are few of the classic ways to maintain health, practice exercises that supports the back promotes fine human movements using the principles of bio-mechanics to tap the potential of optimized health.

Contemporary dance forms like Latin Dance involves a lot of correct techniques to be learnt and our dance virtuoso, Angela Mulrooney ensures that all her students master the techniques like a maestro. We put in relentless efforts in polishing the moves of each of our students that they turn to us each time they seek to learn any dance form. From high school students to prom going college student to aged people who are yearning to spend some quality time with their loved ones while learning a new kill and keeping themselves fir and healthy; dance studio in Calgary is meant for one and alike. Register yourselves for the summer dance workshops and you’ll be amazed to see yourselves dance so well by the end of the program.