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If you the desire to learn something, you would find the way. This fact holds absolutely true for aspiring dancers.

Dancers want to be successful in class and enjoy every lesson. Dancers should embrace studio etiquettes to have the best possible class experience. Here are a few tips I would like to share in my classified blogto make sure your adult competitive dance training is worth the time and money you have spent.

Time is everything – Dancers should arrive shortly before their classes with enough time to get shoes on, personal items put away and ready to dance. Dancers should have time to prepare their bodies for the dance lessons they have enrolled in, be it Salsa dance lessons or Bachata sensual

Dress the best – Come dressed for the style that you are dancing in. We suggest a dress code for every style like casuals for Kizomba dance, heels for Latin dance etc. When you are in a proper dress code, it allows you to dance to your full potential and you tend to gain confidence.

Less talking, more eye contact – Make eye contact with your dance instructor to show that you are listening. When corrections are given to other dancers, embrace those as your own. You should always be learning. Guidance is always essential when you are learning something new.

Bodies speaks louder than words – As dancers, we know that bodies are powerful storytellers. Your body language tells people around you what you are thinking. If you have your arms crossed, are staring off blankly, or are sinking in to your hip, you immediately look disinterested in class and might also lack interest gradually. Stand up tall, relax your arms, open your eyes and put a smile on your face.

Find a new spot in the room -Every dancer has a place where they tend to feel comfortable dancing, but challenge yourself to find a new place. You should not always push to be front and centre in the room nor you should bury yourself in the back corner. Embrace each space in the room and when you are called out on to the dance floor, find new places to dance

Dance with integrity – When you step on the dance floor, leave the worries of the day behind and enter the dance space with an open mind and heart. Share your passion with those around you and bring a positive attitude in to every dance class you attend. You will only get out of it what you put in.The competitive dance training Calgary has the best dance instructors to support you at every step you take towards the dance floor and will make you dance your way happily ever after. Unleashed Dance Company has been a pioneer in providing all types of dance related training under expert guidance and supervision.