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Laura DiStefano: Latin Dance, Bachata & Self-Expression

Laura Distefano - Bachata

You might be familiar with Unleashed Dance Company’s Laura DiStefano if you’ve taken a class with us or spent much time around the Calgary Humane Society!

Laura loves working with dogs, as much as she loves dancing!

In her words, “dogs express so much without being able to speak to us.”

Laura approaches dance as communication through movement, both as a performer and a teacher. It should come as no surprise that her dance styles of choice, Salsa and Bachata, are all about expressing passion with as few words as possible.

Laura’s love of Latin dance started early in life, she recounts an experience from one of her first dance classes when she was 7 or 8 years old. Her instructor played a “Latin hips” exercise and something about the way the music hit her felt incredibly natural. Her passion for dance was reignited in 2006 and she knew from then on that this was something she needed to do. She loves how Latin dance makes her feel; “happy, active, and sensual.” and just makes her want to move!

Dance and Music

It was the music that first drew her to Latin dance, and Bachata, that brought her to Unleashed Dance Company. Laura joined Unleashed Dance Company’s Bachata dance team in 2015, and began working as an instructor in 2017.

Her approach to teaching centres dance as a universal language, a pure expression of emotion. She encourages her students to move however feels natural to them as opposed to worrying about how they look.

Looking to Learn Bachata?

If you think that you might be interested in learning Bachata, try experiencing it music-first the same way Laura did. Some of her top recommended songs can be found in this playlist.

Unleashed Dance Company’s semester starts Sunday September 13th with three Bachata Dance Classes Laura will be teaching our advanced Bachata Sensual Class and a Pilates based Dance Conditioning Class.

View the full schedule HERE.