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“There are shortcuts to happiness and Dancing is one of them” – Vicki Baum

Angela Mulrooney embodies the quote in its truest sense and has made dancing her passion ever since her University days. Being an ardour lover of myriad dance forms she has earned the title of the first ever Canadian instructor to be certified in Bachata Sensual. The dance studio in Calgary is one of the very few dance classes that teach almost every kind of dance form under its roof, quite literally. Being certified in Bachata Sensual by Korke and Judith in Cadiz, Spain, Angela is an also master in Tarraxinha, another dance form that now slowly gaining popularity.

Salsa, Cha-cha, Bachata, Hip-Hop, Tarraxinha, Argentine Tango are few of the many dance forms being taught at Calgary Dance Class. Dance is often considered to be a conversation between body & soul and adult dance classes are designed to cater to every need of its students. Often people from across all age groups join the dance class in Calgary, as more focus is given on the perfection and mastering the technique which in turn helps in overall body conditioning. It adds on to the overall fitness of the body and with practice, the students build the strength, flexibility and coordination which take the students one step further towards building a general fitness. Acro Yoga and restorative exercises are the preferred course that the fitness enthusiasts take. For those looking to spend quality leisurely time with their partners and to keep in shape, adult dance class is just the right option for them.

Angela Mulrooney, of the dance studio in Calgary, is also certified by Mestre Petchu & Vanessa Ginga Pura Carvalho in Kizomba & Semba which was in Lisbon, Portugal. She is the only full-time pro dancer on the competing on the professional circuit for salsa from Calgary. Hence, the students can be sure of learning the dance lessons from the master herself. Everyone who has enrolled themselves for either group or private dance lessons are given equal attention, hence the students are assured of polishing their moves and deliver an impeccable performance with sheer grace and elegance

Tarraxinha and Kizomba are the 2 dance forms closely associated with each other and learning one of them gives the knack of the other. This dance form is the most popular course among the students, giving the freedom of expression through the graceful moves. Right from someone who is a novice in learning dance to someone who is professional, different types of Latin dance forms are meant for everyone to enjoy and unleash their dexterity in performing each move.

The dance class lets one lose all its worries and free themselves in the music and moves of the dance form that is dear to them. Enrol yourself once and you want to keep coming to us every time you seek to free your body and soul through dance.