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Our students are yet to find a dance studio that offers a wide array of dance forms being taught under one roof. Tarraxinha and Bachata sensual dance are one of the few dance forms that are practiced extensively grasping the correct beat, 3 of them being the most basic ones, are mastered by our director Angela Mulrooney and her team. Dance is a form of liberation to many and a source of relaxation and a medium to stay fit and healthy for others.

Our adult dance classes have been a rage among our adult students who sometimes wish to spend quality time with their loved ones and at the same learn and master a new art form. Our team of experts offers to teach aerial fusion which helps to develop an overall balance of the body and that of the mind while performing dance a few feet above the ground. Acro yoga is another form of exercise that our team endeavors to teach our students the effective mix and balance of developing core strength and flexibility that forms a part of the restorative exercise and helps to restore the lost biological functions.

Located well within the city, our Dance Studio Calgary is a one stop destination where kids can learn hip hop and other contemporary dance forms to perform at their annual school day function. For all those who are getting married, we have wedding dance classes for the couple to make their big day a very special one. The personal dance lessons are a great way to spend quality time with your loved one before the hustle of the big day and for all the bridesmaids can deliver a performance and surprise the bride and the groom

Dance workshops in Calgary pay keen attention to all their students from a novice to an accomplished dancer and each and every student is bestowed with personal attention to sharpen and polish their moves. Every lift and pick up tricks are mastered with the guidance of our expert team. For anyone who has social functions that are lined up, our choreographers can help you execute a themed dance performance that suites the decorum of the event just the right.

Our students are a proof enough of the immaculate hard work they put in to perform in synchronization with the moves that our teachers have carefully devised and curated for our students. They turn to us each time they want to deliver a winning performance and earn the praise of their near and dear ones. Enroll yourselves once and you will surprise yourself the ease, grace, poise and perfection with which you are able to learn new dance forms and master each form that you learn. The trust that our students place in us inspires us to work hard each day and offer the best talent that we have on board with us. Experience the sheer joy of dancing with talented team of maestros!