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Learning Latin and ballroom dance forms is now a child’s play with private dance classes in Calgary. All those who are looking to sharpen their skills at various dance forms need not to look for anywhere else than Unleashed Dance Company. It is a one stop destination for those who are fond of dance. The scenario of the private dance lessons in Calgary has changed ever since the advent of the dance studio in Calgary. With numerous dance forms being taught at the dance classes, students can pick and choose the dance form they wish to master in.

Calgary dance classes cater to the unique needs of every individual who comes in search for mastering a dance form. Private dance classes, group dance classes and solo performance are treated alike and the experienced faculty members of Unleashed Dance Company can choreograph the dance with sheer elegance and grace and deliver a breath taking performance.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, the dance classes for adults in Calgary has a little bit of everything for everyone. Right from Latin dance, salsa, bachata, cha-cha, tango, kizomba to the hip-hop; any dance form that you might think of, the dance classes in Calgary have them for you. High school teenagers to the grandparents, everyone is allowed to pour their hearts out on the dance floor with sheer grace, elegance and synchronization.

Whether you are learning out of passion or you are planning to perform at any social event that is near and dear to heart, we ensure that you deliver a performance that sets benchmark for the rest to them to reach up to. Centrally located in the city, it becomes all the easier for the students to commute to the classes every day and hence adding onto the enthusiasm of the students.

Unleashed Dance Company receives numerous feedbacks from its students every day that keeps the zest and enthusiasm of the faculty member’s sky high. We let our students speak for ourselves and that is probably the main reason, people want to join the dance classes for adults in Calgary, just by reading our testimonials. Every occasion for which the students render their heart and soul in to learning and mastering the performance is coupled with elegance and grace that comes with practicing the dance moves time and again.

With the custom batches that are arranged for anyone who wishes to learn the dance according to their interest, there is a provision to arrange dance lessons that suit the convenience of the students. Constant efforts are made to ensure that students at Unleashed Dance Company are learning new moves with every practice that is choreographed for them.

May it be a charity ball or a formal ball room dance party or a hip-hop dance performance that you might want to stage at your high school, Unleashed Dance Company has everything under one roof guided by a team experts with years of experience.