Posted by on May 21, 2018 in Blog

Summer is the time of the year where each one of us look forward to do something productive and utilize our time wisely. Learning and practicing dance is one such leisurely activity that not only lets you learn and add a new skill set to your already versatile know-how of the various skills but it also fosters to have lean and a healthy body as one sheds of oodles of calories while practicing the moves. Dance forms likes Bachata Sensual Dance or Various forms of Latin Dance enables the students to have a cardio exercise in addition to mastering the moves of the respective dance forms.

The dance studio in Calgary has a variety of summer workshops to offer to its students who filled with full of zest to learn and imbibe something new. Right from a school going kid who is keen to learn hip-hop to perform at the school function or college going students who wish learn Latin dance for a performance at their prom, we have it all covered under our ambit and so that or students can save time on enrolling themselves to various courses to learn different dance forms.

There are a very few dance classes in Calgary who have trained and renowned virtuoso to teach them as they have when they learn the dance forms with us. Angela Mulrooney, the director has represented Canada at the World Championship in Spain for December 2015. It our students’ experience that proclaim it to be worthy to learn it from the virtuoso, it all makes a huge difference when some revered keenly watches every move and polishes them to perfection. Our specialty classes are for those who are already in a learned master in various dance forms, are taught to refine their moves and add grace, poise and sheer elegance to add on to their overall performance which would set them apart from the rest.

Our adult dance class are an excellent way for the young and adults alike who are looking spend some quality time with their loved ones and at the same time are looking to stay in a great healthy shape by focusing on acro yoga, spreading and stretching through dance moves and preparing a dance performance for a social gathering and pull off some immaculate partnering moves with your loved one! Located well within the city, the dance class in Calgary is a favorite among all the age groups and the go to dance class whenever our students want to learn something new!

Our students speak volumes of us than we do for ourselves and their reviews and feedback is what keeps us striving for perfection each day. Our students have magnificently transformed themselves from an amateur to a virtuoso with sheer hard work and grit determination to outpace their own abilities and forge for the new boundaries to set for themselves on the dance front.