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Couples opt for special salsa dance lessons or other classes for Semba, Kizomba or any other Latin dances. Although you learn a style, No one tells about the right tips to follow to make your wedding dance choreography magical.

As the Wedding season has arrived! It’s time for all the brides and grooms to buckle up as they are going to hit the dance floor soon. Get ready to shake your body on the rhythm of music with your partner and make the stage light up on fire. Whether you are a groom who has never danced before or a too shy bride, the time of your wedding calls for some groovy moves that call for your wedding dance lessons.

If you are the one interested in making your wedding dance choreography a touch of magic, you need to get out of the technicality and dive more into love. Different dance forms like bachata sensual, semba and kizomba dancesall are about expressing your love through their dance. While everyone wants to see the hidden chemistry that is inside of you rather than the technicality of the move, it is necessary to learn these intriguing points that will make this task easier for you:

  1. Form a Deeper Connection through Eyes and Heart: While performing all the learned steps during your wedding dance choreography, it is important to have a soul to soul connection. It really doesn’t matter which dance style you choose, the main element is love and how well you express it in open. Your eyes should meet and all the love should be felt through your dance.
  1. Maintaining your Dance Position: At first, try to hold your dance partner in a perfect dance position and maintain it strongly for a better dance frame while you are up to showcase your wedding dance choreography. Starting from the leader, he should put his right hand behind her lady love’s left shoulder. The exact position is formed when his elbow is pointing out towards the right. Now for the follower, you need to cover your partner’s right arm with your left arm and put your hands around his biceps. Now relax your elbows as you bring the other arm in the position and let your hands clasp.
  1. Learn the basic Steps Correctly: Yes, any dance form you learn be it- Latin dance styles such as Kizomba or samba dance, bachata sensual or salsa dance etc. At least grasp the basic steps in your mind and practice them as much as you can to never miss any step during your final performance. If not those, just practice the handy versatile dancing steps that people dance to at every wedding you see.

In the nutshell, Wedding dances are all about having fun and enjoying the moments to the fullest. It is the memory of these small moments that bring the wedding nostalgia after few years of your marriage. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to have your hands on wedding dance choreography. Visit the dance studio of Unleashed Dance Company and become a star performer at the wedding.