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Learning the exact dance moves from the highly qualified instructors with an unparalleled grace and perfection is something that everyone who aspires to learn the dance forms or is an expert yearns for. Latin dance is one such dance form that demands a sheer level of perfection, grace and accuracy. Dance classes in Calgary are one of the most renowned dance studios that master in teaching Latin dance and along with the dance forms like Kizomba, Tarraxinha, salsa, cha-cha, hip-hop and much more.

Everyone is blessed with a talent to dance. It requires the right guidance, streamlined hard work and sheer perfection to bring out the talent. Our dance classes for adults in Calgary make sure to bring out the rightly deserved talent in their students by regular practice and perfecting every move of the dance. May it be a group social dance or a workshop for a specialized dance form or a solo performance, every student at Latin dance classes is attended with equal concern and with an eye for the details to sharpen their dance moves.

With the amicable directors and located centrally within the city, the private dance lessons have become the most preferred destination for all those willing to shake a leg either for a leisurely past time or deliver an immaculate performance at a wedding or at any competition. Dance class in Calgary offer specialty class where conscious efforts are made to focus on the techniques like lifts, foot speed, body isolation and grounding among many others.

Spine articulation is an intrinsic part of the delivering a graceful performance and that comes with practice. The instructor at the dance studio in Calgary ensures oodles of practice before any grand finale and that is something that sets them apart from the rest in the business. Acro yoga is one such practice taught at the dance classes in Calgary which exclusively focuses on building strength, achieving the balance of the body and making it flexible enough to contribute to the well-being of the body. Acro yoga is the most popular among the aged group whose major concern is to achieve a holistic well-being of the body. Restorative exercise is again an area of focus at the Latin dance classes which are go-to classes for anyone who is looking to contribute to the well-being of the body.

Hence, the dance studio in Calgary is literally for every age group right from a school going teenager to aged ones, serving a different purpose for each and every one of them. Specialty dance class, adult dance class, group social dances, solo performances, you name it and Unleashed Dance Company is here to cater to all the myriad needs across all age groups. Register with us once and you will keep coming to us every time you feel like grooving a leg on the dance floor. We have our numerous clients who are eager to grab every opportunity they get to attend our workshops.