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Wedding dance performance is becoming the crux for a bride and the groom that it plays a pivotal role to seal their bond for a lifetime. Delivering an impeccable and a graceful performance is every couple’s dream comes true. We help you realize your dream to make the dance of your life, truly a memorable one. Crafting tailored moves explicitly for the bride and the groom and catering to their every need, we’ve helped numerous couples at our private dance lessons to perform in sync with their partner and to the tunes of their choice.

Dance class in Calgary also has special flash mob group dance for the invitees to make the wedding day all the more special. With all the excited friends of the bride, we can help you organize the bridal party performance to add more zing to the party. Couples can spend quality time while practicing for their dance performances and make the experience all the more joyful. Dance studio in Calgary ensures that the couple delivers a flawless performance with utmost confidence without having to shudder even for a moment.

There’s never a dull moment with adult dance classes as we offer a variety of dance forms like Salsa, ChaCha, Bachata Sensual and Dominican Bachata, our students are up for some sharp learning experience from the maestro herself, Angela Mulrooney. Angela, with her grit will and sheer hard work, has represented Canada at the world championships in Spain for December 2015. Having mastered a variety of dance forms students are assured of perfecting each move they learn. Special attention is given to the techniques like spinning, body isolation, grounding, foot spread and musicality that help to strike a winning balance between the music and the moves.

Kizomba and Tarraxinha and are one of the many strongholds of the dance studio in Calgary. Both these dance forms are closely related to each other but are demarcated by a sharp change in the rhythmic beats and the moves that follow it. These dance forms are taught at length to each student who has enrolled in the program until they become maestros themselves! For the rest of those who are eyeing a group performance at an event at school or colleges, need not to get disappointed either. Our group classes are targeted to make you win that competition that you have been yearning to ace!

Well, enough said, we believe we’d let our students pass the verdict for us and for you to see the unparallel potential that the dance studio in Calgary has been bestowed with the wonderful experience that the couples have had with us cannot be put to words but can only be felt through their narration!

Join us once and you’ll feel for our self exactly what we have been talking about. Centrally located in the city, it is the spot for the people looking build fitness, yeaning to learn dance forms or just trying to build strength and confidence!