Calgary’s Best Dance Classes for Adults

Adult Dance

Adult Dance Classes

Some people are naturals on the dance floor, while others need more coaching. Classes are great way improve dance skills and learn great foundational technique that is easily transferred to other styles.

We have an entire series of lessons for adults of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to experienced and from out-of-practice to “I dance for fun regularly.”

Knowing a few dance moves can come in handy on many occasions. Get prepared by taking one of our dance classes designed specifically for adults!

Learn to dance for fun, for a purpose, or both!

Dancing is great exercise and can be much more fun than spending time on a treadmill. Plus, you’ll be able to pull off some partner-dancing moves at parties, receptions, clubs or anywhere else you may need them. After one lesson you’ll see how an adult dance class can prepare you for any occasion.

Benefits of Dance Classes:

  • Exercise – Dancing can tone muscles and help with weight loss, and you’ll have more fun than you would in a gym!
  • Date nights – If you and your significant other need a new activity, then dancing might just be the thing you’ve been looking for.
  • Meeting Others – Whether you are new to the city, or just looking to meet new people, taking a dance class will introduce you to people who share a love of being active.
  • Mental Health – Studies show movement and dance to be great for combating depression and anxiety, the social nature of dance is also a great way to connect with others (even if online).

Learn more about the different types of classes we offer:

  • Group Social Dance
  • Latin Dances: Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha, Argentine Tango, Latin Dancesport
  • Kizomba & Tarraxina
  • Wedding Dance Lessons
  • Private Dance Lessons

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On-Demand Online Dance Classes

Do you have a busy or varying schedule? Try our online on-demand dance classes! We have partnered with some of the top dancers and Choreographers in the industry to keep you dancing when it best suits your schedule!

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