Kizomba & Tarraxinha Classes Calgary


Kizomba is a beautiful social dance marked by a variety of rhythms (three basic rhythms) and interesting isolations of the pelvis involving backward and circular movements. Because of the variety of rhythm and isolation in Kizomba, it makes it a more expressive dance than most as most dances have a singular basic rhythm and movement. Kizomba is danced in partners in a closed position with connection from the diaphragm up. Because it is so close, Kizomba leaders have to be clear on their intention of movement while Kizomba followers have to closely tune into what the leader’s movement is. When this is achieved, the dance becomes magical.

Kizomba was a music of protest in Angola, the country where originated – a protest against oppression under Portuguese colonization. It evolved from Semba which is a faster and more travelling dance that has become quite showy as a result of the genre of Semba Show.


Tarraxinha is a social dance closely associated with Kizomba. Tarraxinha has increased complexity of lower body isolation. It involves leverage provided by the Tarraxinha lead and suggestions of movement from the lead as well that the follower can work from. It doesn’t travel much compared to kizomba. Tarraxinha to dance and to watch can be entrancing as it often looks like the pelvis has a mind of its own. The music for tarraxinha is often harder hitting rhythmically so it has a different flavour than kizomba on its own.

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