Calgary’s Funnest Latin Dance Classes

Latin dance couple

Are you envious of those professional dancers on television? You know – the ones with the cool Latin dance moves? Guess what – you can learn them as well!

Latin dance is a catch-all term for many different styles, almost all of which originated or were adapted in Latin America, hence the name. Some of the styles were originally designed to be danced with a partner, while others morphed from “social street dances.” The latter category consists of bachata, merengue, salsa and others, while the former are dances that you see done by professionals in competitions, like samba and paso doble.

You don’t need to be a pro – or even have any dance experience – to learn Latin dance!

We have a number of different types of Latin dance classes for learners of all skill levels. From bachata (one of the simplest of the Latin dances) to the trickier salsa, you can learn one dance and move to the next once you’ve mastered the moves. We also offer Latin Dancesport for those who want to enhance their technical skills.

What types of Latin dance can you learn at Unleashed?

Some of the most popular Latin dances styles – all of which you can learn in a class at Unleashed Dance Company – include:

  • Salsa – With roots in Cuban culture, but influenced by many other dance genres, this “on 2” salsa class (also known as New York style) is high-tempo and fun!
  • Bachata – From the Dominican Republic, this is one of the easier Latin dances to learn as it incorporates simple steps and turns.
  • Cha-Cha – A cheeky and playful dance, cha-cha is also rooted in Cuban culture.
  • Argentine Tango – Originating from Argentina, this Latin dance is a sensuous one danced in an embrace.
  • Kizomba/Tarraxinha – sometimes mistaken as a latin dance, this is actually from Angola! It has developed different flavours around the world because of it’s growing popularity and is one of director’s favourites for performances and class.

Are you ready to have some fun and learn a Latin dance? There’s no shortage of either here at Unleashed Dance Company!

Contact us today in order to begin to learn – or enhance – your Latin dance skills!

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