Performance Groups for Adult Dancers in Calgary

Have you seen Unleashed Dance Crews perform and want to get in on the fun? We would love to talk to you!!! No previous training with Unleashed is required, but some dance experience is necessary.

Please fill out the form HERE to be considered.

Auditions for the 2017/18 season will be held Sunday August 13 from 130-430 p.m. and the crews being offered in September 2017 are as follows:

Kizomba Crew at Unleashed Dance Company

Welcome to THE MATRIX where movement echoes through space and bodies. This piece is going to be epic and truly mind-bending as has come to be expected from an Unleashed Kizomba Production. We are very excited about this and need quite a few dancers to pull off the creation we have in mind. If you have studied kizomba or are interested to do so, and are looking to up your technique in the dance while learning to embody a character in your performing, this is the crew for you! Rehearsals start Wednesday September 20 weekly from 6-655 p.m. at Ballroom & Country Dance Studio.

Bachata Crew

This internationally choreographed (yes, we are having choreographers from all over the globe contribute to this choreography) will combine Bachata Sensual & Dominicana. For the men, think grounded and cool movement that is very street. For the ladies think sensuality mixed with complex body movement. The piece will have challenging lead and follow patterning and body action for both lead and follow. If you love bachata sensual, you will love this crew! . Rehearsals start Tuesday September 19 from 800-925 p.m. at Ballroom & Country Dance Studio.

ChaCha/Salsa Crew

Turn up your funky side with this crew. This piece is going to be challenging, musical, & rhythmical and will have you burning the floor. Expect to challenge yourself with syncopated footwork, groovy body action, and grounded technique. If you are looking for a challenge for your body and brain, this is the crew for you. Rehearsals start Monday, September 18 weekly from 6-655 p.m.at Ballroom & Country Dance Studio.

Company Crew

This is an Elite Crew that is meant for those who are wanting to take their dancing to the next level. Currently, we are seeking males who are experienced dancers. The commitment to the Company Crew involves travel to New York in September for training as well as travelling for competitions. The Company Crew will be doing three routines this year and will build repertoire throughout the years that will be used for performances as well. Interested? This is by invitation only (not part of the regular audition) so please email us if you are interested.

Performance Challenges– we will be offering performance challenges throughout the year (these are not for audition in August). For those who don’t want to commit long-term to a crew, Performance Challenges are great for getting to perform for a smaller crowd. Performance Challenges will be presenting work at Unleashed Dance Company parties which are for the social dance community. Watch our monthly Newsletter for more info.

Crews are a big commitment, so why choose an Unleashed Dance Crew?

  • Work with our director Angela Mulrooney, one of the most experienced dancers and creative directors in Calgary – she is an amazing performer to have as a mentor
  • Perform at large festivals in Calgary and other cities
  • Join a team of like-minded dancers looking to be their best self!
  • 50% savings on group classes and passes
  • discounts when doing multiple crews
  • Savings on private lessons with your choreographer (Angela)
  • Save on Unleashed Dance Company swag

*If you are unable to make the August 13th auditions, you can arrange a private lesson with our director to conduct a private audition or submit a video audition via email.

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