For those who have realize that the only way to get better is not to continue learning more patterns, but to work on dance fundamentals on which to build themselves as better dancers. Topics covered in this essential class include spinning, partnering, body isolations, grounding, foot speed, musicality, and creation of movement. This class will compliment any genre you are studying.

Total Body Conditioning

This class prepares you for physical training of all sorts including dance performance, competition and general fitness. With this class, you will quickly gain increased functional strength, flexibility, and coordination. The class is based on the conditioning regimens we use in circus and gymnastics training to create powerful bodies that are lean and fit. A must for dancers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

How to Pick up Chicks – Lifts and Tricks

Have you been given tricks but are not sure how to execute them without doing yourself or your partner harm? This class will focus on partnered lifting including floor supported tricks to build strength and confidence that will lead to more complex tricks.

Contemporary Dance

This is an Introductory fundamentals class. Experience in structured movement is recommended but not necessary. We will will focus on release vocabulary, contemporary dance roots, improv studies and the precision of ballet sensibilities. There will also be a focus on alignment (structural and energetic) and finding fluidity and strength through spine articulation. There will be exploration of the physical body in connection to space, timing, texture and how these choices ultimately inform vocabulary and expression. A good class on it’s own or a supplement to other dance classes.

Acro Yoga

Acro yoga is a partnered yoga which combines strength, balance, and flexibility into one great practice. Most work is done while supported on your back as a base. No partner needed. Please bring a yoga mat.

Restorative Exercise

Restorative Exercise is a therapeutic program using biomechanics and natural human movement in order to optimize health. In class we will explore and define natural human alignment and through a series of exercises we will restore lost biological function.

The goal of the program is to create a paradigm shift in movement fundamentals and also to facilitate your own personal journey towards health longevity.

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