The Passion Pursuit

The Passion Pursuit – kindle ebook now available!

The Passion Pursuit: How Your Passion Will Make You Properous – Advice From A Passionista

Everyone comes to the world with special talents to share. If those talents are not mainstream, they may be restrained to fit in and not be the “weirdo”.

Why would you not explore your unique passions even if they are obscure?

Those who are most successful in life harness their passions and make it their life’s work. Whatever you are uniquely passionate about is likely what will make you the most prosperous.

If you are good at it, you love it more than anything, and it makes you happiest in your life when you are pursuing it, it will be hard not to succeed. This book will show you the path to prosperity in your passion pursuit.

I created this book to share what I wish I had known before I became an entrepreneur. This is a guide that doesn’t hold back on the pitfalls, costs, and roadblocks you will encounter on your path to pursuing your passion. It is not meant as a deterrent. Rather it is meant to prepare you so that when things go awry, you get in your own way, or you hit a challenge you aren’t sure you can overcome, you have a well-informed on why it happens and how to handle it.

My suggestion is that you create a profile and login to our members area where the questions you are asked in this book are laid out in worksheets that you can download and print them.

Take the time to go through the questions and answer honestly and thoughtfully. They are meant to provoke deeper thinking beyond just what the question asks which will start to unravel a new pattern of thought toward your pursuit that builds on itself.

This book is a tool and if you use it well, you will have everything you need to be successful.