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Out of all Latin dances, Kizomba, Semba and Salsa Dance lessons are known to be the most popular dance forms owing to their high popularity and sensuous dance moves. It is essential to learn about their origin and technicality more closely while selecting one for wedding dance lessons.

Since ancient times, Latin dance has been the favorite dance style of all the people across the world. People love the turns and twists, lifts and all the special elements of this world-famous style. Owing to this particular reason, people love to opt for different Latin style dances like Bachata Sensual, Salsa, Kizomba and Semba Dance for their wedding dance lessons or even for their first dance lessons.

While people like the moves of these Latin styles, they stay unaware about their origin as well as the technicality, which is extremely important to know to have a feel of the real Latin aura and realize how people celebrated their merry times by enjoying Semba and Kizomba Dance Moves. Although Salsa Dance lessons are more about leading the turns by providing proper space to your partner, Semba and Kizomba dances are more of embracing the close connection with their social romance wave.

Let’s have a deeper insight into how Kizomba and Semba Dance forms have differences while sharing the same origin:

1.      Semba Dance: It is a traditional dance form that has its roots in Angola. This dance form has been in wave since the early 16th Century and is still famous around the world. The best part about this dance form is the fast music tempo that keeps the partners involved in the Semba Dance. While both the partners need to share a deeper connection to perform this sensual dance form, making it more playful and best-suited for couples.

Usually, couples opt for this Latin dance form as their wedding dance lessons so that they can perform this elegant dance form on their wedding day and surprise everyone with their powerful chemistry and romance.

2.      Kizomba Dance: This dance form originated by combining some French Caribbean Zouk with the traditional Semba rhythm since the 1980s and began a new hue with its slow romantic tempo that tends to melt the heart of people. This dance form is known as the variant of Semba dance and is all about fluidity and smoothness that flows through its simple moves. Nowadays, Kizomba dance has become a blend of tango, hip-hop, and traditional samba, making it a perfect European fusion.

Due to the touch of slow romantic elements, this Kizomba dance form is now the first choice for couples coming to have their first dance lessonsso that they can express their love through their close proximity.

Thus, Semba and Kizomba Dance forms are both a vital branch of the different Latin dances. Although they differ widely in their basic structure and technique as Kizomba makes use of more electronic instruments and Semba has acoustic preferences, their base still remains the same.

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